How do you know if you have great radio imaging?

Radio imaging can make or break a station. If your voice talent sounds confident and in control, your station will sound professional. If your voice talent sounds weak, you’ll sound amateurish. If there are too many zaps, lasers, and explosions in your radio sweepers, you’ll sound annoying. If you use rock music in your sweepers on a country station, you’ll sound like you don’t know your target audience. And if you say the same things other stations say in their liners, you’re plagiarizing.

You know you have good radio imaging if you never get tired of hearing the same 10 radio sweepers over and over. If they never bore you, never make you wince, or have you reaching to turn down the volume, then you’ve got the right radio imaging. Because you’re playing the same songs and maybe even the same commercials as your competitor, it’s your radio imaging that sets you apart. Don’t underestimate its power.

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