How an audio production studio got into editing video

pexels-photo-257904.jpegIt’s really quite simple. We got into editing video because when enhancing the audio in videos customers sent to us, we noticed that the video also needed attention. It was too dark, too light, blurry, and often had verbal flubs — all of which could be repaired.

Audio is often the weakest part of a video, so make sure whoever does the post-production work on your video is an audio expert.  We find it often the case that the people speaking on camera are not mic’d properly because the microphone is several feet away on the camera or smartphone. This not only creates low volume, it also produces a hollow sound and room noise (hiss). So the best advice we can give you is to use a boom mic or lapel mics.

With that said, we can improve the audio track of a video that wasn’t mic’d properly by increasing the volume, reducing hiss, and using a de-reverb filter. Sometimes even adding a music background helps the overall sound. So don’t feel like all is lost if your audio doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped it would. It can be improved.

Now back to the video itself. Lighting is very important. If you can’t invest in lighting for your shoot, use three floor lamps. Put your brightest lamp in the front of the person on camera and your two others in behind them off to the side out of sight of the camera to fill in the shadows. If possible, don’t have any florescent lighting on in the room. It will give you a yellow look (which we can enhance, by the way). And again, if you didn’t have any lighting for your shoot, we can work on the shadows and highlights to improve the overall presentation.

When it comes to verbal flubs, repeat the line if you know you will be editing the video. There’s no excuse for leaving in an “uh” or “um” if you know you’ll be editing the video later. If you’ve already shot your video and you didn’t repeat lines with flubs, don’t worry. We can edit those out by taking the verbal flub out and using a quick close-up shot or supplemental footage (known as a B-roll) where the edit occurs. We often use in-house stock video or motion graphics (still photos that move slowly) as our B-roll.

The addition of titles and superimposing your logo can give your video a professional look — and we do that, too. We use lower-thirds to add text to a video. A lower third is simply text that is usually accompanied with a complementary background graphic (like a bar) and appears on the lower third of the viewable area.

In this day and age of getting content online as quickly as possible, most of our customers send us video that they recorded on a smartphone. We don’t blame them. It’s fast and actually pretty decent quality. But because they don’t take the time on lighting  or external microphones, the video needs work. That’s where we come in. Audiobag offers an inexpensive video editing and enhancing service to give you that finished look. You can learn more about our service at


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