How to Write a Podcast Intro

It’s relatively easy to write a podcast intro. If you go with a 30-second opening for your show, you don’t need more than 75 words. In fact, 50 words would be better. Alright. Let’s get started. Begin with a welcome of some kind. Here are a few: “Welcome to The Bike Show, a podcast about […]

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When radio towers become obsolete

It’s a cold hard fact that making money is more important to radio station owners and investors than being the best they can be. Don’t get me wrong. Making money is vital. However, when making money trumps being your best, radio stations become mediocre. The proof is in the production room where sloppy mistake-ridden commercials make it to […]

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Observations from a waiting room

Today I’m writing this post in a dentist’s waiting room where I brought my 93 year-old mother for her appointment. Life is a cycle. I remember her taking me to the dentist back in my childhood. Now I’m the one taking her. The waiting room is quite nice with everything looking perfect. Perfectly painted walls, […]

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A little sign of hope

My wife, Cathy, cut a Ziggy comic strip out of the newspaper several years ago. I liked it so much I taped it to the pen and pencil container on my desk. It’s of Ziggy standing outside a shop on the street with a sign over the door.

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